Low—radical v0.3 is out on Chrome/Firefox

  • 2022-10-11
  • featuring
  • Low—web x Kuroneko
  • EN / FR

Keyvisual of low-radical
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Changelog #

This is the third version of Low—radical's web extension, but its first major release to date. At the beginning of 2022 we revised and rebuilt Low—radical entire identity and interface. I couldn’t be happier with the results.
Its code has too been refactored and corrected, taking into account the new constraints put on web extensions by Google on Chromium, the engine behind Chrome. Basically this update on Chromium makes ad blocker use almost impossible, but this will be the subject of a guest post in the very near future.
In addition to Amazon, we added all its sub domains, like Audible, Twitch etc. We did the same with Google, Facebook, Apple and Microsoft!
So now, you can block, partially block or whitelist any website from the GAFAM constellation.
Don’t hesitate to promote Low—radical to help people be free of ecocidal corporations by making them invisible. A similar but very limited tool did help me get free of Facebook in the past, so we hope this tiny web extension will do the same for you.

Install the extension #

Low—radical for Chrome
Low—radical for Firefox

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